Jan 10, 2018
Pink Ladies

Penny Wars

Pink Ladies,

On January 11th we will begin our “Penny Wars!” The penny wars will be between each individual Pink Ladies team and will run from January 11-February 1! The team containers will be at every class. Each team can put pennies in their own containers. The team with the most pennies will win a team prize! Here is the catch–students may bring in silver coins to put into other teams containers. Any silver coins in a container will take away from the total amount in that container, therefore making it a game! This is designed to be fun for the girls while at the same time collecting for a good cause!
EXAMPLE: A quarter will cancel out 25 pennies
What are we collecting for? As most of you are aware Cloe’s mom (Page) has been very ill. She has been in the hospital since the week of thanksgiving. Cloe’s dad has been amazing making sure all 3 children are where they need to be, taking care of all the day to day activities and being downtown at the hospital daily, all while working a full time job. As you can imagine things are a little crazy for their family. Part of being a pink lady means becoming part of a large amazing family. And our family could use our help to make things just a little easier on them! All the money collected will be used to help Cloe with all her competition needs! We feel this is the least we can do for such a wonderful family. We thank you in advance for being the best group families we have ever had!


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